Work Visa

A Russian work permit is a document which allows a foreigner from a visa country to work for a specific Russian employer. A visa country is a country whose residents need a visa to be admitted to Russia.
It's the most complex and expensive visa type necessary for foreign nationals permanently working in Russia.

There are 2 types of work visas:

  • Single-entry visa valid for 90 days – is issued by the Russian Consulate on the basis of Work Visa Invitation (which is issued on the basis of work permit)
  • Multiple-entry visa – is reissued on the basis of a single-entry visa at the local office of the Russian Migration police for the period of validity of work permit (no more than 1 year)
Starting from 2010, there is a new type of Work visa – For Highly Qualified Specialists– which has several advantages (e.g., is valid for 3 years), but the salary of such a specialist in Russia should amount to more than two million rubles per year.
To get a Work visa, your inviting Company-Employer is required to obtain several documents:
  1. Migration quotas to involve foreign labor force;
  2. Application to the Government Employment Services;
  3. Permission to involve foreign labor force, Work permit for a foreigner and Invitation for a work visa.
After this a work visa should be obtained at the Russian Consulate or local department of the Russian Migration police.
Additional information:
  • The procedure for receiving the work visa for foreign citizens
  • The procedure for the Work Permit getting for the citizens of CIS
  • The procedure for obtaining a Work Permit for the Corporations – members of the American Chamber of Commerce
Work visa processing time and cost depend on several factors:
  • your profession and type of intended work in Russia
  • your citizenship
  • visa and Visa Invitation's urgency
  • prices and quality of your visa assistant's services
As a rule, work visa can be issued in 100 days with an average cost 80000 ₽.

To extend a work visa or get a new multiple-entry work visa, it is not required to leave the country, it can be issued at the local Migration police office upon presentation of a Work permit valid for a new term.
Russian visa can be obtained by a foreigner only at the Russian Consulate in the country of which citizen he/she is.
Citizens of the Schengen countries can obtain a visa in any country-member of the Schengen Area.
To receive a Russian visa in a third country, one must submit a residence or work permit in this country.